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问题一:猜谜语用英语怎么说 Guess riddle

问题二:猜谜语的英文是什么 guessing riddle

问题三:经典英语谜语大全 (下面有答案)1. What will you break once you say it? (什么东西一说出来就打破?)
2. Will liars be honest after they die? (骗子死了之后会诚实吗?)
3. What always goes up and never goes down? (什么东西只升不降?)
4. Why did the boy make his dog sit in the sun? (男孩为什么让他的狗坐在阳光下?)
5. Why can a bride hide nothing?(为什么新娘子什么也藏不住?)
6. Why is the library the highest building?(为什么图书馆是最高的建筑物?)
7. What is the *** allest bridge in the world? (世界上最小的桥梁是什么?)
8. What is the difference between the North Pole and the South Pole? (北极与南极的区别是什么?)
9. What makes naughty boys long to work in a clock factory? (淘气的男孩为什么想去钟表厂工作?)
10. What bird lifts heavy things? (什么鸟能举起重物?)
11. A ship can contain only fifty persons. Now there is alreadyforty-nine person in it. At this time,a pregnant woman es on andboards the ship. The shipsinks. Why? (有一艘船只能容纳50人,现在已有49人。这时一位孕妇上了船,船就沉了。为什么?)
12. What's the poorest bank in the world? (世界的最贫穷的银行是什么?)
13. What month do soldiers hate?(军人憎恨什么月?)
1. Silence. (沉默)
2. No, they won’t. They lie still after they die。(不会,他们依旧撒谎。Lie still 躺着不动,依旧撒谎。)
3. Your age. (你的年龄)
4. He wants to have a hot dog. (他想要一条热狗。)
5. Because someone will give her away. (因为有人会揭发她。Give away 揭发,在婚礼上把新娘交给新郎)
6. It has the most stories. (它的楼层最多。Story 故事,楼层)
7. The bridge of a nose. (鼻梁)
8. A whole world. (整个世界。 a world of difference 天壤之别)
9. They want to make faces. (make face 做鬼脸,做钟表面)
10. Crane. (鹤。Crane鹤,举重机)
11. Because is a pigboat. (那是潜水艇。pigboat,潜水艇)
12.The river bank。(河岸。)

问题四:猜谜语(英语的) ~手套~ 英语gloye或mitten“十加十”是两只手戴手套,戴了以后仍然是“十”;“十减十”是两只手戴了手套以后脱手套,脱了以后变成“二十”。

问题五:英语。。猜谜语! 1.stamp

问题六:英语猜谜语。 英语谜语带翻译
1.what man cannot live in a house?
Key: snowman(雪人)
2.What never asks questions but gets a lot of answers?
Key: dictionary (字典)
3.What question can you never answer Yes to?
Key: Are you dead?(你死了吗?)
4、You have it.You read it.There're some pictures in it?
Key: book(书)
5、A mouse has a large pocket. What is it?
Key: a kangaroo(袋鼠)
6、It has a head ,but no neck.It has a body,but no warmth.NO feet,but can travel?
Key: a car
It looks like a man. It has a red face and a long tail. It can climb trees.
1.what man cannot live in a house?
Key: snowman(雪人)
2.What never asks questions but gets a lot of answers?
Key: dictionary (字典)

问题七:一个英语猜谜语 It flies in the sky .When the spring es,the weather is windy,it always flies in the sky .What is it?

问题八:猜字谜的英文翻译是什么 guess the word puzzle

问题九:英语猜谜 1.Why did the person throw a clock out the window?
- to see time fly
解释:time fly,字面是“时间飞行”,实际是“时光流逝”
2.What time is it when a pie is divided among four friends?
- 12:45 (即 a quarter to one)
解释:a quarter to one 是一点钟差一刻的意思,但也可以看成是一人拿1/4
3.What nail should you never hit with a hammer?
- fingernail
4.What ring is square?
- boxing ring (拳击圈)
5.Why is the sun like a loaf of bread?
- Because it’s light when it rises.
如果是面包,rise 是发的意思,也就是说,面包发起来的时候会变得很轻



  简单的英语谜语:   RIDDLES(谜语) is clean when it is black and dirty when it is white? has a round face and o thin hands one hand short one hand long? is big and bright during the day and we can’t see it at night? 4.I am *** all.I can fly.I like singing in the am h letter is a drink? h letter is around an island? h letter is an animal? h letter is a kind of vegetable? h is the longest English word?Why? h letter is a question? h letter is a part of your face? 12.I am very big and heavy.I have a long nose and big am I 13.I am the tallest animal in the am I 14.I live in the sea.I am the biggest animal in the am I do you call your father’s father’s only son? is the biggest ant in the world? is in the middle of the world? do you call your father-in-law's only child's mother-in-law? is the *** allest room in the world? hers write on me with chalk.I can’t am I have read e are some words and pictures on is it? times it looks like a times it looks like a *** all white is it? throw away the outside and cook the you eat the outside and throw away the did you eat? goes around the world but stays in a corner? me food and I will live; give me water and I will am can run but never walks has a mouth but never talks has a head but never weeps has a bed but never sleeps? 27.I fly but I have no wings.I cry but I have no eyes. many letters are in the alphabet? 29.I am always with times behind you sometimes before you sometimes by your side but you can’t see me in the dark. table is in the field? table can tell you what to do? changes a pear into a pearl? letter makes a road broad? do 2 and 2 make more than 35.I have cities but no houses forests but no trees rivers without am kind of dog doesn't bite or bark? 37.I am everywhere in the out me you have to am I 38.I can’t walk.I can’t fly.I can am I 39.I am green in spring and yellow in s like me and people like am I ken grows from is it? ’s very *** all in the sky but it’s actually very is it? ’s a colourful bridge in the is it? do lions eat raw meat(生肉)? is six afraid of seven? 45.A woman has 7 children half of them are boys. How can this be possible? 46.I am can drink me.I am in the dairy am I 47.I am green or red.I am spicy and hot.I am in the vegetable am I 48.I am a kind of fruit green outside and red am I 49.I am a kind of fruit yellow outside and white inside with *** all black am I 50.I am orange.I am thin and its like me very am I d was out for a walk when it started to did not have an umbrella and he wasn't wearing a clothes were soaked yet not a single hair on his head got could this happen?   SOLUTIONS(答案) kboard 2.a clock sun 4.a bird 5.T(tea) 6.C(sea) 7.B(bee) 8.P(pea) es(There’s a mile beeen the first and the last letter.) 10.Y(why) 11.I(eye) elephant 13.a giraffe whale er/daddy elephant letter “r” room 20.a blackboard 21.a book moon ken p r d t ow table table 32.“L” 33.“b” 34.(22) 35.a map dog 39.a tree egg 41.a star/ the sun/ the moon 42.a rainbow use they can’t cook. use seven eight(ate) nine. use all of her children are boys. er 48.a watermelon 49.a banana 50.a carrot use he’s bald.



谜语的英文是riddle,发音:英音['r_dl],美音[_r_dl]。 riddle是一个英语单词,名词、动词,作名词时意思是“谜语;神秘事件;(筛分土石的)粗筛”,作动词时意思是“在……上弄许多小洞;充斥,布满;用粗筛筛;摇动(炉栅)使灰落下;出谜;为(某人)解(谜)”。 短语搭配: the riddle谜语 ; 一个谜 ; 解谜。 谜语的英文riddle双语例句: 1、All she said was a riddle to me. 她所说的一切对我来说是一个谜。 2、Show me how to solve this riddle. 告诉我这个谜语怎么解。 3、All that Silver said was a riddle to him, but you would never have guessed it from his tone. 西尔弗所说的这一切,对他来说是一个谜,但是你从他的口气中却决不会察觉出来。



  * What can you swallow that can also swallow you?


  * What's the difference between a hill and a pill?

  A hill is hard to get up and a pill is hard to get down.

  * Why is it useless to send a letter to* Washington?

  Because he's dead.

  A doctor and a lawyer loved the same girl. The lawyer* Went away for a* Week and gave the girl seven apples before he left.* Why?

  Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  * What* Will you do if a man-eating tiger is running after you?

  Nothing. Because I'm a* Woman.

  * What always travels on foot?

  A shoe.

  * Where can happiness always be found?

  In the dictionary.

  * What is higher* Without a head than* With a head?

  A pillow.(枕头)

  * Why don't you advertise for your lost dog?

  He can't read.

  On* Which side does a bird have the most feathers?

  The outside.

  * What is the best thing to keep in hot* Weather?


  * What is never used until it's broken?

  An egg.

  * What's a skeleton?(骨架)

  It's a lot of bones* Without the person on them!

  * What is dark but made by light?

  A shadow.

  * What can you break* With only one* Word?


  * What stays indoors no matter how many times you put it out?

  The light.

  A policeman saw a truck driver going the* Wrong* Way down a one-way street, but didn't give him a ticket.* Why?

  Because the truck driver* Was* Walking.

  * Where can milk be best stored?

  In a cow.

  * Which can move faster, heat or cold?

  Heat, because you can catch cold easily.

  * What's the hardest thing about learning skating?

  The ice.

  * What has cities* With no houses, rivers* Without* Water and forests* Without trees?

  A map.

  * What can be measured but has no length,* Width or thickness?

  The temperature.

  * What makes the Tower of Pisa lean?

  It never eats.

  * Why is* Writing called handwriting?

  If people* Wrote* With their feet,* We* Would have to call it footwriting.

  If there* Were only thre girls in the* World,* What do you think they* Would do?

  Two of them* Would get together ans talk about the other one.

  How many great men have been born in London?

  None. Only babies.

  * When can you have an empty pocket and still have something in it?

  When you have a hole in your pocket.

  The greater it is, the less it can be seen.* What is it?


  The more you take away, the bigger I become.* What am I?

  A hole.

  * Who may marry many a* Wife and stay single all of his life?

  A priest.(牧师)

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